A figure in a coat picks roses on the hill overlooking... The Empty City.

(note: sorry about the large game size, Itch io doesn't seem to support the type of compression required.)

(also note: some people are having problems with running the game on Macs, but Windows should work fine, just make sure all your video drivers and browser software is up to date)

Inspired by the visuals and sound of the Playstation 1, The Empty City is a story focused adventure game where you explore sunken buildings, overun underpasses, flooded streets and a hill overlooking a city with a story to tell.

Average Game Time: 10 minutes

This game was made by Lolon for the End Of The World game jam from 12th June to the 31st July: https://itch.io/jam/the-end-of-the-world.

I'd love to hear what you think of the game, so leave a comment here or on my social medias!

Email: lolondev@mail.com

Instagram: @lolononline

I hope you have as much fun playing The Empty City as I had making it!

TagsLow-poly, Mouse only, Retro, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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This is totally awesome

Thank you!!!

Very cool and original game! I was surprised how much there was to the world! I wish I could know even more about it. Did you use a commercial engine?


Thank you very much!!! The game runs on Unreal Engine 4!

The color palette and graphics style made me feel a bit like "Final Fantasy VII" when one can explore the city of Midgar for the first time. A light touch of cyberpunk, the buildings and alleyways, all this just went great together. You have really created a beautiful, mysterious adventure here of which I would like to see more in the future. :) Especially the moment where one meets this huge pile of flowers touched me. A great jam game for which I liked to write a recommendation article on our blog. I also uploaded a playthrough video for those who might like to try it themselves. <3 Keep it up! That was terrific!

Best wishes,


Thank you Sebastian, your recommendation is really appreciated!