Patch v1.1 released

Hi everyone!
I just reuploaded the game with a few minor patches and fixes. These include:

  • Fixed the animation bug in the final cutscene. There should be less moonwalking now!
  • Tweaked some of the progess triggers as players were unintentionally running into them. 
  • Fixed some spots where the player character thought they could walk to, but couldn't. Again, moonwalk reduction :3
  • Various lighting and visual changes!

Again, thank you very much for checking out The Empty City, and as a reward I leave you with one of the earliest screenshots of the game! This is when the gameplay was being created and a visual style for the world was being found. The character is all finished here, but they went through a few changes themselves, I'll share those very soon!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


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Jul 24, 2018

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