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This is totally awesome

Thank you!!!

Very cool and original game! I was surprised how much there was to the world! I wish I could know even more about it. Did you use a commercial engine?


Thank you very much!!! The game runs on Unreal Engine 4!

The color palette and graphics style made me feel a bit like "Final Fantasy VII" when one can explore the city of Midgar for the first time. A light touch of cyberpunk, the buildings and alleyways, all this just went great together. You have really created a beautiful, mysterious adventure here of which I would like to see more in the future. :) Especially the moment where one meets this huge pile of flowers touched me. A great jam game for which I liked to write a recommendation article on our blog. I also uploaded a playthrough video for those who might like to try it themselves. <3 Keep it up! That was terrific!

Best wishes,


Thank you Sebastian, your recommendation is really appreciated!