You have an orb. You need it to live. What will others do to your orb?

This game was made in a week for the 2020 GamesAid Mental Health Game Jam and covers experiences of personal development and trauma.

content warnings: Violence, Animated blood, Strong language, Themes of trauma.

Special thanks to NotYet for the dialogue system, OpenDyslexic team for the font and @Error_Nikki as well as the entire GamesAid MH Jam Discord for the motivation and support!



  • right mouse button to interact with the orb
  • click on the dialogue options to select


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this feels so honest and genuine- i absolutely love it. really well done!!

Thank you so much!!!

This game brights! Hehe

Hehehe, thanks for playing!!!

wow a super intimate experience.:o thanks for sharing this with the world! *-*

Thank you so much!!!